Evermore Legacies preserves personal histories and life events in beautiful, keepsake books for future generations. Everyone has a story. Let us help you tell yours.

What is a personal historian?
Personal historians help people, organizations, and communities preserve their life stories -- the words and images that define who we are and what we value. Have you ever traced your family tree for a few generations and wondered "Who were these people? What did they know and believe? What were their struggles and their joys? What would they want me -- their descendant -- to know?" Unfortunately, you may never be able to answer those questions for your ancestors, but YOU can leave a legacy for the future. Personal historians help you answer those questions for yourself, in the here and now, so that you can leave a lasting, treasured record of your family, your business, your community.

Find out more about what personal historians do, and then contact me for your project!

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Do you think your life is just too ordinary to have any stories that might interest to others? Think again! At the the Evermore Legacies blog you will find stories to jar your memory, tips for organizing your anecdotes, and inspiration to begin your personal history project. Future generations will want to remember who you were and how you lived.

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