Stories are the essence of our lives, the "stuff" between life and death that makes us who we are. Stories can tell what we know and believe, make us laugh and cry, and convey a certain place and time. They can both teach and inspire, and in the end, stories may be the greatest treasure we pass along to future generations.

As a journalist trained at the University of Missouri-Columbia, I learned to look for "the story," and my most compelling assignments have always been those that are deeply rooted in shared human experiences. Although a detective aims for "just the facts, ma'am," a good journalist - and a good personal historian - seeks the emotions, the values, the meanings that bind all of us together as human beings. My experience in daily newspapers also taught me a keen respect for accuracy and for the writer's voice. I bring these values to my work as a personal historian and will guard your personal stories with the utmost confidentiality and care. I pledge to tell your story the way you want it told, no more, no less.

Families are steeped in stories. Not until I had two children of my own did I realize quite so well how patterns of relationships, traditions, customs, moral values, and historical time and place can impact our families and our personal development. And all of these factors are passed along from parent to child, generation after generation, in stories. My fascination with families led me to pursue a Master of Science in Family Studies at Wheelock College, Boston, Mass. In my coursework and practicum experiences, I learned that telling family stories can be therapeutic and powerful - a gift for today and the future. Everyone has a compelling story because each of us lives a life that is woven from our shared humanity and yet singularly unique.

Family trees are fascinating to trace, but they come alive only when they are hung with stories. I would consider it a great honor to help you record and preserve your treasured memories for years to come.
Career History:
  • Personal historian
  • President of Wordsworth Editorial Services, offering copy writing, copy editing, and proofreading services
  • Daily newspaper journalist
  • Nonprofit manager and administrator, working in programs and initiatives to support young children and families and youth development
  • Parent educator and writer
I have written and/or edited books, texts, academic journal articles, grant proposals, educational brochures,newsletters, policy positions, dissertations, and research reports in the fields of social science, economics, business and management, psychology, sociology, political science, education, and early childhood education.

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