Getting Started With Your Personal History Project

Your first step is to complete the inquiry sheet on the Contact Us page of this Web site. Evermore Legacies will contact you to set up a free consultation to assess your project.

When you are ready to move forward, we will schedule an interview or series of interviews to record your history. We will provide a questionnaire to guide you through the interview(s), but here are a few things that you will want to consider:

  • What are your goals for this project?
  • What story do you want to tell - a lifetime, a few select memories or events, a particular spiritual or physical journey?
  • Who is your audience? Your family? Your friends? Your customers and clients? The general public? Is any of the material confidential?
  • What are the most significant events or parts of your story that you want to include? What do you prefer to omit?

Take some time to locate and sort through old photographs. Organizing them chronologically can spur memories and identify significant events. Identify the people, locations, events captured in the photos. Look for family documents, too, that will provide key information to include.

Create a rough timeline of the events you want to include in your history. Include world and national events and other changes that may have affected your personal history along the way.

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Tools to Help You Create a Legacy

Capturing your stories and those of your family members may seem daunting. Where do you start? And even more important, how will you find time?
Fortunately for us, the 21st century provides the magic of technology to simplify the process!

Evermore Legacies is proud to be an Affiliate member of LegacyStories and the Living Legacy Project, which is dedicated to recording and preserving the rich experiences of the 20th century. LegacyStories has many FREE, easy to use tools on the Web that you can access to begin to record and preserve your stories and those of your loved ones. Check them out and get started! And remember, Evermore Legacies is always here to help, if you need assistance.

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