Evermore Legacies Services

Legacy Consultation/Coaching

Perhaps you have always thought about writing your life stories, or have already begun a collection of memoirs, but need some help staying on track. Personal historian Laura Long can help you complete this important work and create a lasting legacy to pass on to your children and grandchildren. As your personal legacy coach, I’ll help you explore and organize your ideas, identify themes, create a timeline with goals and milestones, and monitor your progress and provide encouragement and motivation. In addition, I can provide editing and preparation of your final manuscript. Coaching sessions can be set up as a scheduled package or individually.
Legacy Preservation

Don’t let your family’s historical documents, letters, photos and other precious memorabilia get lost and damaged by time! This important evidence of your life stories and experiences should be carefully and loving preserved with digital scanning and storage. My scanning services ensure your treasured documents and photos can be accessed for years to come.

Audio Memoirs

Audio Memoirs record your life stories in your own voice, a unique and personal gift for future generations. Imagine gathering to listen to the voice of one of your ancestors relating experiences from long ago! You can give this precious gift to your current loved ones, and those who will come after them. A lightly edited transcription of your stories may also be included.

Legacy Letters/Ethical Wills

A legacy letter or ethical will is a nonbinding document that answers the question: “What do I want my loved ones to know?” and is a way to pass on the intangible things of your life: your knowledge, experience, values, hopes and dreams to your family and friends. Shorter and more direct than a personal history, your legacy letter is an intentional, positive statement of all the things that should never go unsaid. A simple outline will guide your thoughts, and editing and printing services are also available.
Life Story Books

“This Is Your Life” Book

Capture your personal or family history in an edited, first-person narrative organized into chapters and illustrated with your photos and/or stock photos. A This Is Your Life Book may span a decade or more and include memories of more than one person. The project includes 5 to 15 hours of personal interviews that are transcribed and crafted into a chapter-by-chapter narrative that carefully preserves your voice. Fifteen to 20 scanned or stock photos (as available) may be included, and you have a choice of design template for this soft-cover keepsake book.

“Deluxe Evermore Book”

The Deluxe Evermore Book includes a high-level of customizing, and more than 15 hours of personal interviews that are transcribed and crafted into a chapter-by-chapter narrative that carefully preserves your voice. Related topics may be researched to include additional background to enhance your story or provide sidebars. Up to 50 scanned photos and other documents may be included in this custom, hardcover keepsake book.
Workshops and Classes

“Write from the Heart”
a life-story writing experience

Writing your life stories can be restorative, enriching, and insightful, and is a rewarding way to pass along your valuable experience, lessons, and values to your family. No writing experience is necessary in this 8- to 10-week class offered locally in Orange County, California, or everywhere over the Internet. You will enjoy stimulating ideas to prompt your life memories as you writing just two pages at home each week. Participants share their stories in a supportive, small group. At the end of the class, you will have created a lasting legacy of life stories! Join the mailing list to receive updates on the next available class!

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Writing Your Legacy Letter
or Ethical Will

This class is designed for those who would like to work on their legacy letter or ethical will in a group setting. This engaging session will give you plenty of prompts to help you create your personal legacy letter, as you also are inspired by others’ ideas and suggestions. After this 2-hour session, you will be able to complete your legacy letter at home. If you like, Evermore Legacies will print your letter on high-quality paper and send it to you in a special envelope for preservation.
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